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What is GoGirl Worldwide?  


GoGirl Worldwide is an international organization led by CEO and Founder Jennifer Murphy, and is supported by her strong GoGirl Team. 


Spearheaded by live and live-streamed "GoGirl Empowerment Experience" events and "Pink-Carpet-Parties", the mission of GoGirl is to empower girls and women of all ages to realize their full potential, provide them with tools and resources to be financially successful, physically healthy and fit, and find true happiness and fulfillment... as well as to encourage and help them pay-it-forward to other girls and women.


GoGirl Worldwide Magazine was launched in June of 2019, and the digital female-forward magazine is published every season (quarterly) and is free for subscribers at



With GoGirl Magazine, GoGirl TV, GoGirl University, GoGirl City and many additional platforms providing entertainment and education, GoGirl is a place for girls and women to come together, be inspired, get motivated, have fun and....GoGirl! 


"GoGirl! Dream big, go for your goals, empower yourself...and pay-it-forward to other GoGirls to do the same!"


- Jennifer Murphy CEO/Founder

GoGirl Worldwide, Inc

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