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What is a GoGirl?  

A GoGirl is a girl or woman of any age who GOES for it in life. 

A GoGirl realizes her full potential, sets goals and dreams that are in line with her passions and purpose, and lives each day to the fullest.

A GoGirl Pays-It-Forward to others, especially helping other girls and women to GoGirl.

A GoGirl combines her loving nature with her girl power to create a powerful force of energy that can impact the world in a positive way.


Become a GoGirl Member?

A GoGirl Member is a GoGirl that takes two minutes to sign up free to be a GoGirl Member!  That's it!  And it's fun and free!


Who can be a GoGirl Member?  

Any girl or woman, anywhere in the world can be a GoGirl Member.  All a GoGirl needs to do is sign up on the members page!  


What do GoGirl Members Get?

GoGirl Members get Jen's GoTime booster minute clips that are super funny and empowering, to help give your day a GoGirl boost!  GoGirls also are eligible for free GoGirl prizes and give-aways!  GoGirl Members also get specials and discounts in GoGirl City, GoGirl Stores and GoGirl University.  GoGirl Members are also notified about upcoming GoGirl Events and Pink Carpet parties with GoGirl Jen!


Sign up today!  It's Fun and Free!


"GoGirl! Dream big, go for your goals, empower yourself...and pay-it-forward to other GoGirls to do the same!"


- Jennifer Murphy CEO/Founder

GoGirl Worldwide, Inc

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